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Daycare (Includes tax)

1 dog $36

2 dogs $58

We only accept dogs for daycare that have a calm, playful demeanor. This is not an environment for dogs with anxiety or high working drive

Requirements for Daycare: 

-All dogs over 7 months of age must be Neutered or Spayed.

-All dogs must be friendly with other dogs.

-All dogs must be up to date with Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper Vaccines. 

Our Process:

-Review our requirements.

-Register your dog.

-Upload your dog's vaccines.

-Schedule Your dogs Pre Daycare Evaluation (located -Daycare service tab).

- Your dog will come for a half day to be slowly introduced and observed with our pack, taken on a walk (with a small group of dogs) off leash on our 11 acre property & hang out in Daycare. We will get to know your dog and let you know at pick up if we feel that we are the right fit and service for your dog. 

Dogs we cannot accept in daycare:

- Aggressive or overly dominant behavior.

- Excessive barking.

- Anxious behavior/Separation anxiety.

- Destructive behavior.

- Escape artists.

- Dogs with high working drive.

- Dogs that don't enjoy & benefit from a daycare environment. 

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