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Chateau Highlights

  • 11+ acres of fenced doggy paradise with riverfront access .

  • 5,000 SqFt  of climate controlled indoor space & large outdoor pavilion.

  • Pack-walks, socialization, play, structured activities and relaxation time

  • Staff are educated  in dog psychology & behavior to keep dogs balanced and safe.

  • Separate lounge areas for seniors, puppies, high energy dogs and small dogs.

  • Dogs go home calm and fulfilled with over all improved behavior.

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The Dog Chateau was created by devoted Canine Behaviorist Markie Blackburn. Markie has dedicate the last 12 years to teaching her clients how to improve their dog's well-being; as well as, how to turn around their dog's specific behavior challenges. She has a Diploma in Canine Behavior Modification and Training, but most importantly she has years of invaluable experience working with hundreds of different dog cases.

The dog Chateau is inspired and structured to operate in a way that fulfills a dog's inner-most needs and desires. The dogs well-being and safety is what comes first. All The Chateau's employees are highly trained and very carefully chosen. After a rigorous selection process, only employees who are natural pack leaders, love the dogs, and are totally reliable will be hired to work at the Chateau. This is why none of our customers will ever have to worry about their beloved family dog.  


Marie is Super woman & Manager. Prior to working full time at The Dog Chateau, She owned a cleaning business while raising teenage boys and dog siting. She keeps us organized, on-schedule and see's all the details. Marie does not hesitate to do whatever needs to be done to keep the dogs happy and comfortable. 


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