4057 Amsterdam Road

Glenville, NY 


T/ 518-882-4097


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Daycare & Boarding  on 11+ acres of secured, fenced land!

  • All dogs go for daily pack-walks through our private fenced fields and walking trails.                                                                                       

  • Expert staff supervise every activity to make sure our Canine Guests all practice self control,  good manners, and get lots of play and affection throughout the day. This is why all of our dogs go home to their families calm and relaxed while have learned a great deal during their stay. For example, each dog will learn appropriate play, how to come when called, how to walk nice in a pack of dogs, how to sit down and be patient before feeding, and many more positive habits.

  • The Dog Chateau is designed around these basic principles: To keep your dog happy, balanced, well behaved, and most importantly safe. Providing quality services to the Canine Guests is our only priority. Your dogs are your family and we treat them as such.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • At the Dog Chateau we do not discriminate against any dog, regardless of breed, size or temperament. Reactive dogs need love and daycare too. With our background in dog behavior and rehabilitation, we are fully able to care for dogs with aggression, anxiety, or fear in a safe and controlled manner. All dogs will receive equal treatment for no "tack-on" extra or hidden costs.

Daycare - $33 Includes tax
This is no ordinary daycare. Your dog deserves more then waiting bored, in a kennel or a yard for you all day. Which is why we provide as much exercise as your dog requires to keep them happy and balanced. The day includes: 1-2, 45 minute off and on leash pack-walks, playtime, feeding, resting  in our 10' x 10' luxury suites and random activities such as: fetch, agility and obedience. 

Boarding -$44 Includes tax

At the Chateau we make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. after a day of fun and activity your dog will relax and sleep in one of our temperature controlled 10'x10' luxurious suites. There are a variety of suite styles designed for maximum comfort for every size and type of dog. Extra therapeutic beds for all the dogs, Cozy blankets,  rugs and unlimited access to fresh water. 

There is always a staff member at the Chateau, 24 hours a day for your dogs safety and comfort!