Daycare & Boarding  on 11+ acres of secured, fenced land!

  • All dogs go for daily pack-walks through our private dog park.            

  • Expert staff supervise every activity to make sure our Canine Guests all practice self control,  good manners, and get lots of play and affection throughout the day. This is why all of our dogs go home to their families calm and relaxed while having learned a great deal during their stay. For example, each dog will learn appropriate play, how to come when called, how to walk nice in a pack of dogs, how to sit down and be patient, and many more positive habits.

The Dog Chateau is designed around these basic principles: To keep your dog happy, balanced, well behaved, and most importantly safe. Providing quality services to the Canine Guests is our only priority. Your dogs are your family and we treat them as such.

The Daycare & Boarding service is for balanced dogs who get regular exercise, practice self control and can handle excitement. We do our very best to provide a calm, enjoyable atmosphere. Daycare is not for all dogs. Some dogs have different requirements. We will let your know after the first or second visit if our daycare is the right fit for your dog.


The Dog Chateau cannot accommodate dogs with the following behavior traits:

  • Excessive barking

  • Severe separation anxiety

  • Overly dominant/Pushy behavior

  • Any signs of aggression 

  • Neurotic behavior


Boarding Drop off and pick up is by appointment only. We schedule around appointment times so please respect your appointment. If you are late with out contacting us,  we lock our doors and will wait for you to reschedule. We are very busy taking groups out for scheduled activities to make sure everyone gets what they need!

Daycare - $33 Includes tax
This is no ordinary daycare. Your dog deserves more then waiting bored, in a kennel or a room for you all day. Which is why we provide as much exercise as your dog requires to keep them happy and balanced. The day includes: Multiple off-leash walks, playtime and other random activities such as: fetch, agility and obedience. 

Boarding -$55 Includes tax

At the Chateau we make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. after a day of fun and activity your dog will relax and sleep in one of our temperature controlled 10'x10' kennels. There are a variety of kennel styles designed for maximum comfort for every size and type of dog. Extra therapeutic beds for all the dogs, Cozy blankets,  rugs and unlimited access to fresh water.


There is always a staff member at the Chateau, 24 hours a day for your dogs safety and comfort!

​Please respect your Drop off and Pick up appointments. We have scheduled staff members that only come to the front door at the expected appointment times. 

​Showing up early or late, our doors will be locked and you will have to contact us for a new Drop off or Pick up time. We are out working with the dogs and are on a schedule to make sure all the dogs get what they need.  






4057 Amsterdam Road

Glenville, NY 


T/ 518-334-5492


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